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Delivering value is one of the most important things that we do as a business. This can mean taking a very pragmatic approach and asking challenging questions. Ultimately we want to deliver value as quickly and as safely as possible so that you can succeed.


Nurturing and supporting groups and teams is one of the most effective ways of building engagement and ensuring future capability to support existing and new business initiatives. This can include bespoke training, hackathons, kata sessions, coaching and mentoring support. If we are working with you on a project then at some point we won't be there any more. When we complete the engagement we expect to leave your teams fully capable and confident to continue supporting the project.


We feel that whilst tech diversity is great, ultimately we need to stick to known tooling and methodologies. Your teams will need to support and handle any projects we complete or help out with and so we want to make sure we are using what they are comfortable with, or at least industry standard tooling which has been proven to work.

Services we offer

If you are interested in any of these services then please contact us at

We can provide a variety of different services which you can find below. Our bread and butter is covers Agile Software Development, DevOps, Java Programming and bespoke training. It's best to get in touch if you'd like information about what we can do to help your particular situation.

When engaging we approach with the end in mind, this means that we expect to leave you with working software which delivers value and an upskilled team of your own to support and evolve the project. Whether you are working on a specific application or need help with adoption of practices and tools we can help.